Sadabahar Plant

It’s an evergreen plant also known as Periwinkle plant, It can be found almost anywhere on this planet. “Sadabahar” is a hindi slang used to denote this plant all over the India and almost everyone knows what a sadabahar plant is and what it looks like. This plant originated from West Indies and went around the world by easy cultivation and medicinal properties within and the property of adjusting in every environment and also it’s beauty in its Sadabahar flowers or may call them evergreen flowers because of the ability of them to blossom in every season throughout the year. The plant holds the properties of a herb and quality of a garden plant.

Sadabahar plant

Medical Benefits

Even though its root’s extracts are poisonous but helps in curing and treating so many diseases. In Ayurveda it plays a significant role in curing some of the dangerous and adhesive diseases like leukemia, Diabetes, etc.. Even though the Sadabahar plant can be found in every ¬†household in countries like India, China, and other Asian countries. It’s not advised for direct contact as a medicine, direct use can be dangerous and should be used like an decorative plant in households, but according to ayurveda plant’s leaves and flowers can still be used as a medication for some diseases. Otherwise, it is cultivated for medicinal purposes by pharmaceutical companies and some medicines consist extracts from this plant. And it’s widely cultivated from 18th century and only due to its medicinal property this endangered and rare plant in nature is easily found in domestic environment and became as a plant grown for it’s attractive appearance.

Sadabahar Plant For Diabetes

In Ayurveda, it is prescribed to use this plant for diabetes. You can take Sadabahar flowers for curing diabetes as these flowers can be found in any season and it’s a evergreen plant, you can use only the pink and white flowers plant for this remedy. You can have your plant’s flowers or leaf. You can look up for the remedy, anywhere else. It’s a very effective remedy for diabetes and blood problems. In Ayurveda, every part of this plant serves a different purpose for different diseases and is a very helpful plant in curing many diseases. You can research more on that.

Sadabahar Plant In India

In India, there are only two types of Sadabahar.

  • Lochera Rosea
  • Vinca Rosea

Lochera Rosea is the one which has white flowers.

Vinca Rosea is the one which has pink flowers.

They both are the most common species of Periwinkle in India. They can be found anywhere in the country. Some other species are also found only as ornamental plants.

People in India, do not take this plant seriously due to the abundance of the plant and mostly people do not the medicinal qualities of the plant. People only think of the sadabahar plant as a decorative. People should know the abilities of this plant and uses of the plant other than being a decorative piece. People should know the Ayurveda’s description of the plant.

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