Sadabahar Flower

It’s a beautiful flower, which blossoms on Sadabahar plant also known as Periwinkle plant. Originated from Caribbean country west indies, This plant blossoms almost everywhere in the world and throughout whole year. You can have a Sadabahar plant blossoming in every season with beautiful flowers with many color options ranging from pink, yellow, white, blue, etc.. They can be used to make your garden vibrant. It’s also used for medication purposes and used in many medicines also.

Sadabhar plant flower

Flowers Description

They are tiny flowers with five small petals on a long stem. Petals are perfectly horizontal on one end of the stem and other end is where it blossoms from the plant. Flowers can found in different colors varying by plant to plant, but mostly plants blossom white and pink flowers. Flower petals are formed like a pentagon shape with equal space between each petal and stem color is always green to this flower. There’s no exact season or time for this flower to blossom and blossom anytime and anywhere according to the weather, but prefers warm climate to grow. Multiple flowers blossom simultaneously on a single plant and they also blossom in pot plants also. They are not scented, so they do not smell bad or good and are hardly smelled. But they are very tiny and are unique sized and shaped.


This name “Sadabahar” comes from Hindi language from India. These Flowers Blossom every season and are evergreen, and Sadabahar also means evergreen. So on this nature of the flowers, they are named “Sadabahar” in India. In India, every household which has potted plants or small garden, knows all about Sadabahar flowers and has or had a sadabahar plant in his home. The flowers are used for decorations in households because they are easy to find and blossom quickly. As you know India is a multi-lingual country it has many names, but mostly popular by this name and everyone knows about this unique plant and its flower. It also grows by itself wherever suitable conditions are found and sometimes take over your garden, so you have to keep control over plants. But mostly people do not kill it because of it’s flowers.

Flower identity all over world

Sadabahar Flower Is also known as Periwinkle flower in english. This flower is bred and used differently all over the world. Periwinkle is a widely known phenomenon all over the world from 18th century and plant is widely used for medication and its flowers are used to identify plant. mostly used for covering plants as they expand their volume easily and quickly over a unused grassy land and also look beautiful when lined up and can be used as borders for garden as bushes are used. And they are good to cover all unused garden area and to make it flowery and vibrant. All in all they are easy to grow, cheap to maintain, have a classy look, and are evergreen, are used medication. No wonder why they are popular all over the world and have an important significance all over the world.


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